Councillor Platform


Miranda has been part of this community for 42 years, fighting hard for you the taxpayer.

Proper Use of Taxpayer Funds

As a CPA, Miranda Reis understands the importance of  fiscal responsibility and proper use of taxpayer funds and will hold City Hall Accountable.

Get Involved

Miranda can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, lawn signs  & donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together. Call, text or email Miranda today.

Fiscal Responsibility

Professional oversight must exist in order for a City to be held accountable for corporate governance, project/financial management & budgeting. Miranda will assure your tax dollars are used correctly & efficiently.

Improved Transit

We need to Stop the LRT. Miranda supports a more cost effective Express Bus transit system for Hamilton. Miranda will connect West Harbour GO to the GTA 100% of the time.


Miranda will assure Infrastructure funds are used on time and on budget, to make our roads, bridges, sidewalks, water/sewer lines safe and that Ward 12 has equal access to those funds.

Community Improvements

Miranda will complete all outstanding projects: Ancaster Memorial Arts Centre, Cormorant Road/Neil Everson Way access for Industrial Park, Meadowlands Spray Pad. Miranda will continue to engage with community to always understand what is important to constituents.

Area Service Rating

Miranda supports the current Area Service Rating system for Public Transit as it is a fair system for Ancaster, Copetown, Jerseyville, Lynden, Orkney, Sheffield and Troy.

Development in the right Areas

Miranda supports Residential and Commercial development in the right areas to grow the tax base, as a larger tax base equals a decrease to your tax bill. Miranda will attract new business to emphasize people to work, live and play in Ward 12 which keeps our community thriving.